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+ Extensions To TerraLib
In this page you will find some extensions to TerraLib basic code. The main purpose of these extensions is to provide new facilities, or new ways to use TerraLib.


TerraOGC is an environment with tools that allow the use of TerraLib funcionalities and databases on the Internet. It uses architectures based in OWS (OpenGIS Web Services) services, as defined by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) specifications and recomendations.
TerraOGC is currently in version 1.0.0 and it provides support for the following services: Web Map Service (WMS), Web Feature Service (WFS), and Web Coverage Service (WCS). It is distributed as free software, with open source code, which can be downloaded from its repository, as explained in the download section of the site. As an alternative it is also available as a virtual machine, where it is already integrated with other software components to allow almost immediate utilization.
+ Download TerraOGC extension If you want to compile TerraOGC extension of TerraLib, you must be sure that both TerraOGC and TerraLib versions are compatible. In the case of TerraLib 4.1.0, you must use TerraOGC 1.1.0. For this case, you must check it out from its repository typing this command:

svn co https://svn.dpi.inpe.br/terraogc/tags/v_1-1-0 terraogc

With the same purpose, here is also provided a Linux Debian installation package that allows the creation of a web server with WMS and WFS services, which are OGC specifications compatible. It uses Apache with CGI module. A tutorial with information on how to proceed is also available.


PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. PHP source code is written in C language, is portable and is open source. Its core contains the basic functionalities of any programming language such as control structures, loops, arithmetic, relational and logical operations, or classes mechanisms. Specific functionalities such as the manipulation of documents (XML, PDF, etc.) or support for communication with databases are made available through extensions.
The PHP architecture allows the creation of new extensions that can be used inside the language. TerraPHP is a PHP extension that adds facilities to query and visualize geographical data from a TerraLib database, to be embedded in Web applications. The extension was implemented using a object-oriented design. All the facilities are included in a internal class called TerraWeb.
The TerraWeb class has methods to open connections to a database, to explore its contents and also supplies a Canvas (a drawing area) that can be used to visualize the spatial component of the objects in the database (as shown in Figure 1). The graphic in the canvas can be materialized in PNG or JPEG formats.


Figure 1 - TerraPHP Architecture

Besides the TerraLib, since version 3.1.0 Beta, you will also need some other open source libraries. Linux distributions normally contains these libraries, but otherwise their source sites are listed bellow:
You will also need a DBMS supported by TerraLib (such as MySQL), and a Web server that supports PHP (such as Apache).
To download the TerraLib and TerraPHP source code, go to the download section of this site and follow the instructions available there.
A preliminary version of the Programming Tutorial of TerraPHP can be found at the Documentation section of this site.

+ Download PHP extension Create a directory extensions/ in the root of the structure of directories of terralib/ and it
places the sources of terramanager and terraphp in this directory.

If you want to download the files necessary to run the TerraPHP extension you must check out typing this command:

svn co https://svn.dpi.inpe.br/terralib_extensions/tags/1.0.1/

TerraPHP Installation Script: the file bellow has a set of scripts to automatically download the necessary modules and to build TerraPHP on a Linux platform.

Operation System Source Files
+ Linux
+ InstallScripts-410.tgz 

   aRT - API R-TerraLib

aRT is an R package that provides the integration between the software R and the GIS classes TerraLib. The aim is to have a package for analysing spatial data in R.
R is a freely-available open source language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. To learn more about R go to R project web page.

To access the documentation, examples and download information about aRT go to aRT web page.

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