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+ ChangeLog
            TerraLib Release 4.2.2
Release date 2013-02-15

  • This is a minor release to correct bugs found in previous release.

            TerraLib Release 4.2.1
Release date 2012-08-23

  • This is a minor release to correct bugs found in the previous release.

            TerraLib Release 4.2.0
Release date 2011-10-03

New Features
  • Support to GML documents;
  • Support to import GML files;
  • Support to export GML format;
  • Use of GDAL library.
  • Included WCS Plugin.

            TerraLib Release 4.1.0
Release date 2011-07-01

Changes and Bugs Fixed
  • Bug Fix: Correction for vectorial exportation (MID/MIF).
  • Bug Fix: Correction for exportation with several representation.
New features
  • Support to 64bits (Windows and Linux).
  • Support to WFS Theme.

            TerraLib Release 4.0.0
Release date 2010-12-16

Changes and Bugs Fixed
  • Bug Fix: Correction for Generating Sample Point.
New features
  • Support included in the SLD and TerraOGC TerraLib;
  • Drive for SQL Server 2008 Database Space;
  • Support for KML theme.

            TerraLib Release 3.6.0
Release date 2010-10-22

Changes and Bugs Fixed
  • Bug Fix: returns error description when creating PostGIS databases using a template database that currently has connected users .
New features
  • Included new methods for table indexes administration.

            TerraLib Release 3.5.0
Release date 2010-07-30

Changes and Bugs Fixed
  • Bug Fix: correction in PostGIS database creation.
  • Bug Fix: created method toUpper() in TeSqlServer overriding method in TeAdo.

            TerraLib Release 3.4.0
Release date 2010-05-06

Changes and Bugs Fixed
  • Bug Fix: correction in fetchGeometry method of TeMySQL driver related to the treatment of polygons with holes
  • Bug Fix: correction in fetchRow method of TeMySQL driver when portal is not valid
  • Bug Fix: correction in external theme loading when several databases are involved and one of them is inaccessible
  • created virtual destructor for TeViewNodeParams class in order that it can be correctly extended
  • improvement in TePostgreSQL driver when creating databases, trying to use template0 when using template1 fails.

            TerraLib Release 3.3.1
Release date 2009-04-14

Changes and Bugs Fixed
  • Bug Fix: Problem when importing shapefiles with .PRJ projection file.
  • Bug Fix: TeRasterMemManager fails to return a valid tile pointer when there are no enough memory to activate a new tile mapping.
  • Bug Fix: TePDIHistogram - Core dump when generating histogram from floating point raster.
  • Bug Fix: TePDIMatrix - Fails to allocate mapped memory tiles.
  • Bug Fix: SQL errors in functions loadPolygonSet, loadLineSet and loadPointSet.
  • Bug Fix: Error with TeDatabase::spatialRelation calculating duplicated geometry_Ids.
  • Bug Fix: Error with TeDatabase::spatialRelation returning wrong boolean value in certain cases.
  • Bug Fix: Problem with Zonal functions calculation, when several polygons have the same Id.
  • Bug Fix: Problems with statistics when setting dummy value.
  • Bug Fix: Error in TeRasterClipping method of TeRaster.cpp.
  • Change in Zonal functions allowing dummy value to be ignored.
  • Increased the maximum length of the 3 theme conditional attributes (attribute, spatial and temporal) for all database types.
New features
  • Included support for layer edition timestamp and theme creation timestamp. This implies a change in the TerraLib database model, which means that existent databases will be converted to new format, by TerraView application.

            TerraLib Release 3.3.0
Release date 2009-01-26

Changes and Bugs Fixed
  • Bug Fix: correction in method updateTable of TeDatabase, TeMySQLand and TePostgreSQL.
  • Bug Fix: correction in component TeGraph.cpp.
  • Bug Fix: correction in problem of not considering the database port in the creation of mySQL databases.
  • Bug Fix: correction in bug when retrieving dates in PostgreSQL.
New features
  • Included support to accept datetime TIFF rasters.
  • Included new methods for projections conversion.

            TerraLib Release 3.2.1
Release date 2008-10-20

Changes and Bugs Fixed
  • Deletion of class TeDBConnection which was no longer being used.
  • Change in the interface of class TeDBConnectionsPool.
  • Changes in implementation of class TeExternalTheme.
  • Included column type TeDateTime in method addColumn of TePostgreSQL..
  • Bug Fix: correction in method loadPolygonSet in TeDatabase, TeOracleSpatial and TePostGis.
  • Bug Fix: correction in close method of TeMySQL.
  • Bug Fix: correction in method getInsertRasterBlock of TePostgreSQL.
  • Bug Fix: correction in image mosaic whose resolution has many decimal digits.
  • Bug Fix: correction in zonal operator when polygons are very small compared to the pixel size.
  • Bug Fix: correction in geographic operation with TeGeoOpNearestNeighbour.
  • Bug Fix: correction in method updateTable which generates ill-formed SQL in special cases.
  • Bug Fix: correction in method tableExists which ignores views of SQL Server.
  • Bug Fix: correction in polygon insertion methods in Access, MySQL and SQL Server.
  • Bug Fix: correction in evaluation of topological relations between two poligons with holes.
  • Bug Fix: correction in method updatePolygon of in MySQL when setting the parentId attribute.
  • Bug Fix: correction in method TeRemapBox which remaps incorrectly in special situations.
  • Bug Fix: correction in method verifyDbParams of TeDBConnectionsPool ignoring port number.
  • Bug Fix: correction in method TePDIColorTransform generating saturated IHS raster.
  • Bug Fix: correction in TePostgreSQL when the connection does not succeed.
  • Bug Fix: correction in method TeWriteToFile of TeUtilsTePostgreSQL on error checking.
New features
  • Included transaction support in TeDataBase.
  • Included SATELLITE projection.

            TerraLib Release 3.2.0
Release date 2008-02-24

Changes and Bugs Fixed
  • Corrected the creation of columns in MySQL.
  • Correction of the Kernel Map and Kernel Ratio Map algorithms.
New features
  • New function to export point representation to TXT files.

            TerraLib Release 3.2.0 Third Relase Candidate
Release date 2007-12-21

            TerraLib Release 3.2.0 Second Relase Candidate
Release date 2007-12-12

  • TerraLib is compiled as a dynamic library.
  • Revision of the architecture to the TeTheme class.
  • Bug fixed in the routine that exports the contents of a Theme or Layer to a shapefile.
  • Bug fixed in the connections pool class
New features
  • New classes to support other types of TeThemes.

            TerraLib Release 3.2.0 First Relase Candidate
Release date 2007-08-13

New features
  • New methods to export themes to files.

            TerraLib Release 3.1.4
Release date 2006-12-21

  • Bug fix: compilation problems in MSVC .NET 2005
  • Minor corrections and optimizations in the database drivers.

New features
  • New methods to remove objects without geometries from a theme.
  • New class to deal with affine geometric trasformation
  • LIBPDI: Digital image registering support.

            TerraLib Release 3.1.3
Release date 2006-05-03

  • Improvement of the Raster Iterator with polygon restriction.
  • Bug fix: description of a TerraLib projection according to PROJ4.
  • Bug fix: creation of a TerraLib projection from a PROJ4 description.
  • Bug fix: routine that builds a TeSTElementSet from a shapefile.
  • Bug fix: assign data by location, collect operation.
  • Improvement of the client memory allocation in the driver OCI to Oracle.
  • Elimination of compilation dependencies generated by unecessary include files.

New features
  • Wrapper around the QWT package to create graphics.
  • Geoprocessing operation to generate buffers.
  • Geoprocessing operation to clip raster data.
  • Description of a TerraLib projection in OGC WKT format.
  • Creation of a TerraLib projection from a OGC WKT description.

            TerraLib Release 3.1.2
Release date 2006-02-20

  • Fixed a bug in Kernel Map spatial statistic algorithm.
  • Fixed a bug in the MySQL 5.0 driver, when importing shapefiles.

New features
  • No new features.

            TerraLib Release 3.1.1
Release date 2005-12-23

  • This release contains the fixing of some bugs found in the previous release.

New features
  • No new features.

            TerraLib Release 3.1.0 Beta
Release date 2005-07-11

  • Inclusion of a KdTree structure in the TeSTEventSet to optimize spatial queries over the structure
  • Use of the jpeglib (The Independent JPEG Group) to provide support to JPEG format
  • Performance Improving of the geo-processing routines

New features
  • New Proximity Matrix strategy construction: using the nearest neighbour
  • Persistence of Proximity Matrices generated by a TerraLib in the database
  • Exporting Proximity Matrices to files in format .GAL and .GWT
  • Construction of the multi-resolution pyramid for raster data with smoothing
  • Support to transparency and linear contrast in the raster display
  • Progress display in the image processing algorithms
  • New set of image processing algorithms:
    • Arithmetical operations
    • Edge detection algorithms
    • Chain code algorithms (segmentation / classification)
    • Color conversion algorithms (IHS)
    • Generation of interpolated histograms
    • Decomposition / Composition algorithms: Wavelet / Mallat
    • Morfological filters
    • Radar image filters (Frost, Kuan, Lee)
    • Vetorizing algorithms
    • Statistical data generation

            TerraLib Release 3.0.3
Release date 2005-06-24

  • Two new spatial statistics algorithms
    • Kernel Ratio.
    • Empirical local Bayes.
  • Allows grouping using multiple attributes (GeoWizard).
  • PostGIS and PostgreSQL drivers.
  • Shapefile importing routine fixed to follow especification.
  • Revision of address geocodification routines.
  • Revision of GeoWizard routines.
  • Revision of of spatial operations routines and proximity matrix.

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