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+ Technical Notes for installing TerraLib
      Requirements for Compiling TerraLib

In order to compile your downloaded TerraLib, you must have installed the following programs:

Operational Systems Requirements
Microsoft Windows MSVC 2003, MSVC 2005, MSVC 2008, MSVC 20010
Linux gcc version >= 3.2.3 available in www.gnu.org.
(TerraLib 4.1.0 was compiled in the following Linux distribution:
Ubuntu 10.4)

      Requirements on the DBMS supported by TerraLib drivers

Driver Requirements
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL version 8.x
R-Tree GiST installed (template1 and desired databases)
PostGIS PostgreSQL version 8.x
PostGIS version >= 1.0
R-Tree GiST installed (template1 and desired databases)
Oracle Spatial Oracle Database version 10 g
Oracle Spatial version 10g
Oracle Call Interface (OCI) version 10g
MySQL MySQL DBMS version 4.1.1 or later
Firebird Firebird DBMS version 1.5
SQLServer SQLServer DBMS version 2000 or later

   Installing TerraLib

:: Linux
After downloading TerraLib files, go to the directory
[your directory]build/qt/terralib
and type ONE of the following comands:
make release
make debug
At the end of the process, the file libterralib.so will be generated and put in the directory terralib/Release/linux-gc++ or terralib/Debug/linux-gc++, respectively.

:: Windows
Using the Microsoft Visual .NET 2003 go to the directory
[your directory]build\win32-msvc2003\terralib
and include the file terralib.vcproj  in a solution that contains a main application. The vcproj will build the library terralib.dll.


:: Linux
Instructions Documents
-> Instructions for the compilation and running examples [HTML]

:: Windows
Instructions Documents
-> Instructions for the compilation and running examples [HTML]

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